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Its in the bible. Its in our workplaces. Its in our personal lives. Its everywhere.

Why is it that something so vast in our society is something the least felt by most?.
Common words would be “…but I didnt have a choice” or ” … what choice do I have?”
…. well, THOUSANDS actually! Again, its HOW you look at everything. But how you reach this point might need a bit of probing…

This manifesto by Daniel H Pink: http://danpink.s3.amazonaws.com/FLIP-Manifesto.pdf – is one way to look at the world of work and your personal life.
This is one way to start thinking differently, and providing yourself with other choices. No-one else will do that for you. Its YOUR CHOICE. And believe me, once you start becoming accountable for your own choices, you’re on the road to Autonomy.

So whats Autonomy?
Read the book called Drive by Daniel H Pink. In there he describes the 3 roles of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.