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How does one do that? Stay motivated?

Depends on the individual’s motivation, right? Or depends on the circumstances? Or depends on the mood you’re in that very day….. right? Maybe. Maybe not.

But one thing’s for sure, its a different experience for each person.

Sadly, some go through life without any motivations. Any TRUE motivations. Some dont know how to get motivated and some only discover that once they’ve discovered their true self.

For me, staying motivated is hard. Very hard sometimes. Sometimes, its great! Easy! Why cant everyone be as motivated as I am!? Other times, its gone. Nothing. Defeat.

Someone once told me never to base your beliefs on feelings because like feelings – we would be up the one day and down the next. They’re too fickle!

Thats extrinsic motivation – where external factors influence your motivation.

This is what I realised today about motivation. I’m basing my motivations on feelings. On extrinsic factors.

Motivation should not be driven by what you feel the one day and the next. It should be an internal belief driven by a discipline, a focused idea in your mind, that no matter what happens, you’re sticking to it. Damnit.

Thats intrinsic motivation. Nice isnt it? On paper.

Now, its time for me to practise what I read and preach! 🙂

Stay hungry! Stay Foolish! …Steve Jobs… its what I try to live every day.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation from the book called Drive by Daniel H Pink.