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Before I start writing about such a vast subject area, I think a few questions need to be brought up.

Am I talking about a purpose in work life or a purpose in home life? Are they any different? And should they be different ?

My blog title is 21st century workplace, so one would think I’m talking about workplace, right?

But how separated are our work lives from our personal lives? And if so, WHY the hell is it that way? Some might say, they freelance from home so they NEED to separate their work and home life. In a way, thats understandable.

Others might say, I need to be one person at work, but when I’m at home, I’m a different person.

Is this a mechanism to help us cope with the ever-changing, busy life we all face?

Perhaps having a purpose in your life will determine how you do and what you do in every aspect of your life.

Having a purpose – to me – is not a goal.

A goal is, and I quote from the dictionary “An object of a person’s ambition or effort”.

A purpose is, and I quote again from the dictionary“the reason for which something is done or created for which something exists”.


 Which one of these do you follow?

 I’ll tell you what I follow.

I used to have goals. A long time ago when I started out as a designer and had to prove myself to my manager and colleagues. Goals are good. Kept me focused and helped me gain new knowledge too.

But, it also has the danger of becoming a ‘ticking off’ list.

Okay done that, that and that… now whats next?!

Goals, for me, are stepping stones to achieving purpose. I strived for my goals. But I dont live them. Thats the difference.

My purpose?

To learn as much as I can about the 21st century workplace. Because thats where most people live 80% of their lives before they die. And 80% of those people hate their lives. I dont know about you, but thats a lot of precious time wasted on hate. Or unhappiness. Or just ‘going with the flow’ of things. I envision a better work environment for people. And everything I’ve written so far on this blog links to each other. Choice. Staying motivated. Because just those 2 things can affect your purpose in a matter of seconds.

The challenge for me now is how to communicate this, and get people convinced enough to do something with me to improve the workplace.

How I get closer to my purpose is by reading. Alot. Staying within that community of learning and experimenting. Then using the theory for the practical. Thats the tricky part! Because thats the part that needs to be adapted slightly. Sometimes. Not always.

I get disappointed by people who say they really, really interested in this or that or the other, and they are eager to attend and learn more. But as soon as the time comes when its lights, stage, camera and action, they cant make it. They cant actionit.

If you are as serious as I am about your purpose, then nothing will stand in your way of living that. Every decision (choice) and every thing you have inside you (motivation) will decide your purpose.

My work purpose is my life purpose. I am the same person at home as I am at work. Ask my husband. Ask my colleagues. I dont believe you need to be 2 different people in order to cope.

We all have one life so why not live it as one.

In any case, being two people in one day must be awefully tiresome!