Heroes. Everybody loves a hero.

I’ve discovered a hero I don’t quite like though – nevermind love!.

I discovered the kind of ‘hero’ that looks pretty, in control on the surface, but pretty darn ugly on the inside. I’ve discovered that they live off others truthful qualities just so they can remain in control on the surface.

We have a lot of these kind of ‘heroes’ in our workplaces. You. Me. We all have them. The kind of ‘hero’ that seeks – whether knowingly or unknowingly – the approval of others – no matter what the cost. They will keep their shining armour of gold to their name. They are hard-working, helpful, friendly, and would do just about anything for the organisation… But at what cost to those around them, I ask? Nevermind to themselves.

I prefer honour, than golden armour to my name.

I prefer truth, than pretend.

I prefer a hero that does what he/she has to do because it’s what really matters.
What really matters.

Dont live your life on the instant gratifications, live it for the long-term one’s… the one’s that really matter over time. The one’s you really deserve a medal for!