Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person feels a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships. However, it is a subjective experience. Loneliness has also been described as social pain — a psychological mechanism meant to alert an individual of isolation and motivate her/him to seek social connections.  (Wikipedia)

Recently I’ve read somewhere that if you’re a CEO or MD of an organisation, and you can relate to the saying that goes “its lonely at the top”, then you’re doing something wrong. Very wrong. I think the same goes for anyone else.

Someone very close to my heart also recently told me that they went walking through the mall one day, just strolling around window shopping on a public holiday. He went on to tell me that he on purposely walked the mall twice hoping to see someone he knows. Let me say that again: he walked the mall TWICE, in the hope of seeing someone he knows. My first thought to that was “how very sad”. Not pathetic. Just very sad.

How many strangers, family, friends, or colleagues have we passed by in our lives feeling like this?

Losing people, whether it be through death, divorce, children moving out, or just being alone “at the top”, I’ve come to realise one thing. Loneliness holds no discretion against who or what you are in the world, it comes when it comes and to whom it comes. It gives you no warning of its taste or lingering effect. You can be the most lovable person there is, and still feel lonely. Most famous, always surrounded by people, but still lonely. Or just alone with no-one around, and utterly lonely. I dont know whats worse.

How does one help the lonely? By always being there? Or by shepherding them? Guiding them to a different outlook on life?

It seems the busier life becomes, the lonelier life becomes for some. Ironic in a way. All I want to know is, is there a cure for loneliness and where in the universe is it? If not, how can I/we help the lonely?

All comments are welcomed… 🙂