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I love this image. So controversial and powerful.

Does this scene look familiar?

Street beggars. Homeless people. Whichever way you put it, I hate them.


I hate them not because they irritating or a pain in the you-know-what!. I hate them, mostly because they remind me of who I could be.

It scares me. Why? Because it’s the unknown that stares right back at me. Maybe its guilt for what I have. Maybe its anger at them for not doing anything more for themselves. Or maybe its just plain sadness for what they endure on the streets.

What leads them to that place, I’ll never know. But it can happen to any one of us, at any given time. It reminds me of the cruelty of this world. It reminds me of the purity of where we came from and to where we shall return someday.

Everyone has a choice, and where you land up in life is a result of choices. Really? There has to be more to it than that.

For now, I embrace this image of a beggar, and say…

“Keep your coins, I WANT CHANGE”.


(if you know who I should credit this image to, please pop me a comment)