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I love this line. Its from the supernatural horror movie called Gothika. A scene where Penelope Cruz tells Halle Berry these exact words.

Often I underestimate what my 5 year old daughter can or cannot handle when it comes to movies of this nature. Most 5 year olds are not allowed to watch these kind of movies. I believe my husband and I need to give our daughter a ‘healthy’ dose of the movie world.

This story is not about my 5 year old, nor is it about horror movies.

I guess its about how much we underestimate the feeling of fear.

Fear is probably one of the most important lessons life can teach you. I’m sure there’s hundreds of articles and books about fear, so I’m not going to make another article of this.

The only thing I want to say about fear is the feeling of fear. Its magnificently different for each person. I dont know why I use the word magnificent in relation to fear – nothing magnificent about it – or is there?

For me, fear is the feeling of all rational thinking gone, all logic goes out the window, and all that’s left is the feeling of how to get out of it.


Adapt or die (another favourite line of mine), and in this world we either adapt to fear, or we die from it.

Which one will you choose?