Ever unsure of the direction your career should take?

Most of us have, or will at some point in our lives. This is my take on it.

Knowing who you are and where you are going is safe. Its knowing your limits; knowing your job; knowing your colleagues; and knowing whats expected of you.

Knowing is being ‘safe’, and ‘safe is security. Right?

Young or old, how ‘safe’ is safe in your job? The older generation say, “you should appreciate your job”. “Dont ever question your boss!” Or “You cant quit your job without having another secured!”. Security in my parent’s generation means being ‘safe’ in your job.

But, thats lifeless.

Respect? Respect me, and I’ll respect you!

Appreciation? Have appreciation for people and it’ll take you further than any political agenda could ever take you.

Dont question?! Only fools dont question the status quo.

Dont quit your job?! Really?

I see more and more people going into the freelance world. And most quit their jobs nowadays without another job secured. They quit because they want to spend more time with their children. They quit because they want to follow their dream. They quit because they tired of office politics. They quit because they dont want to be told what to do anymore.

All the reasons behind this bottles down to what people are feeling. Its not the industrial revolution anymore. People want to feel connected. Inspired. Motivated! And more organisations are not doing this for their employees, so employees are doing this for themselves. Its a “swim or sink” kinda feeling, and even if some cant swim, they are prepared to teach themselves.

Some organisations need to change their policies and their belief that you can bullshit people into what you want them to do. Most employees are not stupid (the others that are needs another blog post!). To all employers out there, dont adapt your employees to fit your company structure – adapt the system to fit the people. People need to feel happy in their jobs – its the only way you will get more productive, innovative and quality-driven products.

So whats changing? How important is being ‘safe’ still to you?

Let me say this: Safe doesnt secure your job, Safe doesnt liberate, Safe doesnt innovate.

We need to take more risks – in business and in life.We need younger executives around the boardroom table because younger people take more risks – they not scared of failure. Failure is learning as long as you always remember the lesson learnt!

So what do you do when you have no idea where you going, or what to do when you get there? How do you know you there if you dont know what ‘there’ is?

I guess thats the difference between knowing where you going and not knowing. I like not knowing because it keeps the journey interesting.

Knowing equals answers. Not knowing equals questions.

Although…sometimes, I wish I could swop the two!