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… yes, I accept that.

I recently got asked this by one of the teacher’s at my child’s school. I had an emblem on the back of my jacket that made her think I was part of a biker club. Hmm… a biker?… intriguing. If its anything like the series, Sons of Anarchy, then I accept that! And I will ride that story like a Harley Davidson … that is, if I were a biker 🙂

I had an opportunity to feel – even just for a moment – like a biker. Instead what did I say? I said, “No, I’m not. Where’s my child that I came to fetch?”

Driving home afterward I thought, what if I had said yes? Where would that conversation have gone? What would that teacher be thinking of me now? Would her idea of me or my child change?

I hope not.

Often I take myself too seriously. I miss opportunities like this. Not to lie, just to play along for a while. Long enough to find out why that person asked that question. Its interesting to see yourself through the eyes of others.

So next time someone asks you “Are you a model? Or “Are you an actor?” Or “Are you a biker?” Just think about it for a second, and decide where you’d like that conversation to go. Then listen closely. You’ll be fascinated why people see you the way they do. It might even change how you see yourself.

FYI… always make a point of telling the truth. You don’t have to lie to be biker, an actor or a model. You just have to be you. How interesting that person is, well… that’s up to you.

Enjoy the ride! For me, the closest I’ll ever get to a biker is through watching Sons of Anarchy …and, I accept that 🙂