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‘Jou ma’ is a phrase in the Afrikaans language usually used as ‘jou ma se’. It’s a swear phrase in Afrikaans slang. Which leads me to my story …

I took a few days off from work to spend with my 5-year-old during the school holidays. This was what I heard all day sung in a song-like manner, “jou ma, jou ma, jou ma”. Those were the only words sung. And she sang this with pride. Little did she know what it meant. So I’d be in the kitchen, and she’ll be walking pass singing that song. She’d be in the bathroom, and as I passed by, I’d hear that song again! Can I even call it a song?! While drawing. While playing. That song wasnt far away. Just those two words. Where she picked it up from, I’ll never know. What I do know is that by day 5, I was starting to say in my head “jou ma se”! 🙂

That was one of the things that made me smile (and sometimes cry) during my time at home with her. But I realised one more thing. And I love to think about stuff. Too much for my own good sometimes.

I realised that in those 5 wonderful days, I had a lot more patience and took time to listen to her more. I think she felt the same way too. We had time to have fun. We had time to spend with things that matter like baking a chocolate cake together.

The business of our lives is what shortens my patience. Not work or school.  It’s the rushing around from home to school to work. Then rushing back to school to fetch child – on time, and the rush back home to make supper, do homework, spend a little time with the kid, and off to bed – on time – because we don’t want her falling asleep in class! Then its my time, and that usually goes into early hours next morning.

The time we get on a week night or over a weekend, is only enough to refuel, but not reconnect.

For now, there’s nothing much I can do about this. Except this:

The little time we make to spend with the important things of this life is, precious time. Thats why its precious, because it’s in limitation.

So, I’m grateful for precious time. I never wish it away. What I do wish away is that ‘song’ in my head… ‘jou ma, jou ma’!